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Hydro Excavation
Big Sky Industrial’s hydro excavation process provides a safer alternative to conventional digging methods such as bobcats, backhoes and bulldozers. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, there is little chance of damage or disruption to critical underground utilities when pressurized water and high power vacuuming are utilized to dig a hole.


Don’t risk the chance of destroying buried lines. Eliminate possible damage when exposing:

  • Fiber optics
  • Gas pipe lines
  • Underground utilities
  • Piling holes
  • Utility Poles
  • Traffic Signals
  • Underground Lines


  • No more large excavation holes and barrier walls caused by heavy equipment
  • No dust or emissions during hydro excavation
  • Minimal site restoration is needed
  • Eliminates the need to handle large amounts of materials
  • Increase production time
  • Remote site digging
  • Nondestructive excavation method

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